External blinds in Darwin

You’ll find Darwin’s largest range of external blinds, awnings, louvre shutters and roller shutters at NT Blinds. We supply and install top-quality external window coverings for residential and commercial clients throughout Darwin and surrounding areas.

Our awnings and shutters go well beyond aesthetics. They also provide:

Energy Efficiency & Security


Awnings and shutters on the exterior of your home provide the best protection from our tropical sun. By reducing the heat loss you reduce your cooling costs saving you money. You’ll also enjoy less glare and can open your windows when it’s raining.



External awnings and shutters are designed to make it more comfortable inside your home or business. They give you control over privacy, reduce the heat and provide shade while still letting in any available cooling breezes. It’s not rocket science. Since your home won’t heat up so much, you can rely less on the air conditioner and save money.



Exterior awnings and shutters will help protect the glass in your windows, especially during the Big Wet with its storms and cyclones. With retractable awnings and shutters you can also enjoy on-call protection for your verandahs and patios all year round.
Our awnings and shutters go well beyond aesthetics.


Internal blind — Blinds in Darwin NT
Stylish and practical, our aluminium awnings will help keep your home or commercial property cooler. A lightweight structure suitable for most properties, aluminium awnings are also easy to maintain and corrosion-resistant. Take a look at our selection below.

Auto Awnings

Black external blinds — Blinds in Darwin NT
As the name suggests, our auto awnings provide insulation and comfort. A traditional cost effective awning operated from the outside by simply moving the bottom rail up and down or simply store away in the hood when no longer needed.


Crank-Drive Awnings

Window blinds — Blinds in Darwin NT
A simple and inexpensive option to motorisation. Often suppled with wire guides to stabilize the blind during breezy days allowing you to stop the awning at any point. Take a look below.


Commercial blinds — Blinds in Darwin NT
At NT Blinds, we provide a selection of instant shade umbrellas that will look great on your patio, balcony, or in your outdoor areas. Choose wall-mounted or standalone options.

Download Information:
Eclipse Brochure Umbrella
Paraflex Umbrella

Multi-Stop Awnings

White blinds, trees outside — Blinds in Darwin NT
Multi-stop awnings are used to enclose pergolas, verandas and outdoor living areas from the roof to the hand rail. An ideal failsafe when the weather is windy or rainy.

OZTECH Retractable Roof Systems

Commercial blinds — Blinds in Darwin NT
Our OZTECH retractable roof systems are modern, versatile and functional. Available in a wide range of fabric colours, our roof systems are wind-resistant, fire retardant and provide efficient protection from the sun and rain.

Pivot Arm Awnings

White blinds, white dining table — Blinds in Darwin NT
Our pivot arm awnings provide shade with versatility in mind. They can be extended overhead to provide adequate shade and fully retracted to maximise light and airflow. Browse your options below.

PNP Awnings

PNP Awning Window — Awning in Darwin NT
Available in a wide range of fabrics and colours, our PNP awnings are suitable for any outdoor area. They have a built-in retractable blind and locking system which allows you to control the shade over your outdoor space. Check out our selection below.

Roller Shutters

Salon Garden — Blinds in Darwin NT
The list of benefits for roller shutters is an extensive one. Used for homes and businesses Australia-wide, there’s a reason they’re one of our highest selling window coverings. Roller shutters can be operated manually or motorised.

Our premium-quality roller shutters provide:
Sun protection,
Noise reduction,
Light control,
Privacy as well as
SECURITY and much more.

Take a look at our range below:


Spring Top Awnings

Spring top awnings 2 — Blinds in Darwin NT
Spring Top awnings are our strongest awning in our classic range. The skin is welded and secured in a pocket around the top axle. This means when it is fully extended and secured there is no give. Ideal for pull down and forget situations. (Never leave down during a cyclone )
Once released it will retract. They are operated simply by pulling on the bottom bar. Easy to use, affordable and stylish, we offer spring top awnings in a variety of fabrics including, PVC, mesh and canvas.



White blinds, trees outside — Blinds in Darwin NT
A simple inexpensive awning can be secured with either a timber headrail in a pocket or sail track on all sides.
Ideal for sloping tops or when you want to keep the area closed up for long periods, like closing in a veranda or patio to keep out the bugs.
Operated either by hand rolling up or with a rope and pully, this simple system is widely used for unusual shapes.
Available in PVC, mesh or canvas, ask our representative about the best option for your situation.


Ziptrak® External Awnings

White blinds, trees outside — Blinds in Darwin NT
One of Australia’s most trusted brands, our range of Ziptrak® external awnings create shade style and functionality to your home and outdoor area. Be protected all year round with a new Ziptrak® awning from NT Blinds.